Clash of Clans Hack: Attack Tips for Professionals

There are several reasons why one sounds the charge in Clash of Clans. By far the most common reason is a part of the opponent’s resources: gold, elixir or dark elixir – or anything alike. Then there are those attackers who have it on trophies (trophies) and thus apart to a higher place in the rankings. The best Clans get always a chunk of free gems using the hack for clash of clans. The situation is similar in the Clan War, where also hunting is to star in the foreground. Before you blindly throw yourselves into chaos, you should consider yourself beforehand what ye have mainly apart and assemble your army accordingly.

clash of clans hack

Attack Tip 1: Preparation
make everything flat is the goal? Then you think when forces compilation of a strategy to attack with their plans. Wizards and Giants are much more effective with a possibility of salvation in the hindquarters, archers need the flying healers rather less. Heaps balloons are much more effective when you send forth something that draws fire on himself. Dragons get on well with enrage buff and Goblins rotate only in full when they have free rein. A haphazard motley crew without proper magic support makes the three-star victory much harder.

Do you want to quickly get a lot of gold and elixir? Then your strongest units are not always the best choice as dragons, magicians and Co. need in training a long time or you can use the clash of clans hack to easily get a lot of gold and elixir within seconds. A combination of Barbarians, Archers and goblins as cheap and quickly deploy-able strike force is sometimes even more effective. Of course, you will then have difficulties in reaching strongly walled resources, but often worth an attack on little proof mines and collectors to go with winning home. is Provides a mortar at a target of a few lightning spell to turn well-placed defenses Gold … uhhh elixirs are worth.

Attack Tip 2: choice of opponent
an attack worth anyway? This is the most important question that can be answered not only with a squint to the resources display at the left side. Clearly, if you are equipped with a whole Dragloon and GoWiWi, is a destination town hall stage 6 with half-filled camps waste of time. The next time you turn the camp the outlying mines may be well guarded and empty, but full: As a side trip worthwhile with a few Goblins without large force. Much scrub, jewel boxes and trees also report back on an opponent who was not a long time online. Should you not afraid to search until the right target appears. It is generally on the ratio cost / prey, at least if you do have designs on many resources.

Pay attention when choosing also which opposition is waiting for you in the event of an attack. One indication is in addition to the level of the town hall of course, the defense! Strong walls and developed defense systems can also lead to a player with less Rathaus stage for disaster. On the other hand witness low walls and vulnerability believes that these could be, be easily earned loot. In addition, many graves are obvious witnesses of past attacks: your potential target has therefore probably already triggered traps at this point no longer be reactivated. If you hack  in Clash of Clans, you develop a sense of when it fits better and which target represents a jackpot, you have to take only still. Although even the most experienced players in Clash of Clans not immune to surprises:

Attack Tip 3: Clan Castle reinforcements
Finally, it is advisable to keep in mind that in the opposing clan castle a defensive squad could have quartered who can twirl the handle down attack strategy tidy mess. therefore look better after the beginning if a Clan Castle at the start, and if someone is at home, a barbarian’s enough mostly already. If many archers and mages show up an added expensive lightning spell use quickly ensure peace. If suddenly a dragon rising halfway out of the castle and its no anti-air units have more ready, should you have already made your stitch or cat and mouse play. In general, but worth it, especially in communities wars, elicit reinforcements and off before the actual attack starts.