Clash of Lords 2 – Get all the heroes with Hack!

Today we bring you the analysis of Clash of Lords 2, developed by IGG (I Got Games).

This RTS (real-time strategy game) is a kind of bastard (but improved in some ways) of the Clash of Clans, a title that was put in the top sales very fast, thanks to its gameplay based on building and maintaining the Buildings, similar to Farmville, but with an original touch, adding competitive and strategic elements, such as the possibility of conquering bases while defending the very basis of enemy attacks.
Real-time strategy and collecting for everyone!

The Mobile Game Analysis Clash of Lords Heroes. Clash of Lords 2 is based, above all, on the collection of heroes, each having different special abilities. This feature of the game is taken directly from the MOBAs, but works terribly well with the mechanism of Clash of Lords 2, as it helps to get the user to have more options and strategic ability to organize and direct the units.

Clash of Lords 2 is a pay-to-win, which means that this project has not been designed to be finished, being a game whose relationship with the user depends on the financing of it. All pay-to-win items are in Clash of Lords 2: Out-of-game notifications, bonuses that are earned by taking a daily look at the game, buying jewelry for real money, using jewelry to make the constructions Buildings go faster.

On the other hand, besides earning gems, it is possible to get gold, souls, and rings, usually also used for buying objects or power-ups. This eliminates the typical trap of free-to-play games, in which the player never receives the appropriate rewards, making the game more difficult, and ultimately forcing the user to spend real money to enjoy the game.

In general, Clash of Lords 2 is a fairly complete mobile game, with the following functions:

  • To command in real time to the heroes during the battles.
  • Choose from a lot of heroes, each with unique special abilities.
  • Combine heroes and troops to form invincible teams in Mercenary mode.
  • Choose from six battle modes: Lords League, Resource Assault, Campaigns, Arena, Clash Campaign, and Royal Battle.
  • Log on daily in Clash of Lords 2 to get free heroes and win gems.

Review of Clash of Lords 2

The mechanics are pretty easy and any player could catch the pace of the game in a moment. The problem is that it does not take long to see that this title is a full-fledged pat-to-win, so you can not wait to see the end of Clash of Lords 2, or be one of the best, if you do not spend money before . The good thing is that it has some new mechanics in this subject and draws quite the attention. The implementation of heroes and their evolution are a great motivation in departure. You can increase the playability of the game by using the hack for clash of lords 2 which we recommend for every players of clash of lords 2.

The style of the game is quite nice and resulton due to the dynamic and colorful finish. The characters are made to impress and really get it and have a very complete animations that just give that final touch that is needed.

The music and effects are nice. There are no songs that are incredible or epic, and the user will remember them easily, but in general neither the music nor the sound effects annoy when it comes to playing, in fact, go quite well with the rest of the elements.

Final verdict:
We are not going to cheat, I am an old one, quite against the pay-to-win, because I really like the satisfactory feeling that produces seeing the end of a video game as well as having a balance of characters balanced by self- And not for having paid more. But on the other hand, I recognize that Clash of Lords 2 has a special charm, and is a game that is quite careful, being direct, easy, and accessible for all types of players.